Serviceberry & Chokeberry - A Perfect Combination

I love to pair Serviceberry and Chokeberry in a garden so that they mirror each other. They have the same shape, bloom time and fall color. The vase shape, with bare branches at the bottom, is perfect for underplanting with ground covers, perennials or small shrubs. 

Serviceberry produces small fruits in June that are sweet and edible. Of course the birds love them and you can watch mother robin stuffing her baby with berries, so you need to be vigilant to get some for yourself.


Chokeberry produces small fruits in red or black that are so bitter the birds will not eat them unless food is scarce in early spring. I usually choose red chokeberry because the persistent red fruits create winter interest. Underplanted with low evergreens, they make an annual winter holiday decoration.

Their small stature make these go to plants in urban gardens and foundation plantings.


Posted on October 31, 2014 .