Summer Your Houseplants in Your Garden

I have had a Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior) that I rescued from my office for the last ten years. What I started with was mostly roots, so I planted them and left the pot near a window in my basement watering regularly until the plant began to show new growth. In spring, I combined it with arrowhead plant (Sagittaria latifolia). It now winters in the basement and summers on the front porch.

 Most houseplants won’t over winter outdoors in zone 5 because they come from tropical environments. However, they to enjoy some time outside in summer. I move mine outside in June, when the night time temperatures are in the 50‘s-60’s. It’s a good idea to leave them in a shady spot for a week or two to harden off and get used to the additional light, much like light skinned people limit their sun exposure until their skin tans.

Place your houseplants in the garden based on whether they are tagged as low light (shady locations) or high light (part sun to sunny locations). This is a good time to re-pot plants that are becoming pot bound or top off plants with a layer of new potting soil is needed.

In fall, make sure you take them inside when nighttime temperatures dip into the 50’s. Give them a good spray with the hose or use a natural insecticide to eliminate insects.

Posted on August 16, 2014 .