Site Visit

 I will spend an hour or two with you, learning about you, your family, outdoor activities, entertainment needs, elements you would like in your garden and style/color preferences. To determine the styles and colors you respond to we often review pictures of gardens during the visit. Plan to share pictures of gardens you admire.

During the site visit I will accomplish the following:

  • Take pictures of the site
  • Identify any existing plants and materials
  • Assess soil/light/drainage issues
  • Discuss broad design options

If you wish to proceed with the design, a copy of the plat of survey will be required. This is a scale drawing of the property showing the property lines and structures on the property. This document is usually included in the documents required when a property is purchased. We can dream big to include everything in your dream garden in the draft plan, but eventually we will need to agree on a rough budget for the project, so that the elements I include in the plan will meet your financial expectations.

A site visit fee of $100 is payable for this visit.  Should you decide to proceed with the design, the fee for the design will be finalized  and the site visit fee will be applied against the total fee.


During the design phase, you may receive calls or visits to check details overlooked during the site visit.  I will schedule a concept visit after a draft of the plan is made to finalize agreement with the elements of the plan. 1/2 of the design fee will be payable at this time less the $100 site visit fee paid at the site visit.

This is an excellent time to consider the materials to be used in elements such as patios or decks and some plant selections based on pictures of the plants. A trip to a garden center or nursery to help in the selection process is often helpful at this stage.

The final plan is a scale drawing of the property with the landscape design elements added. All of the work is hand drawn. It will include a rough estimate of the cost to install the plan. I will review the plan with you and often walk the site to discuss all the elements in it. The final 1/2 of the design fee is payable at this time.

If changes are required after final plan is delivered, the plan may need to be completely redrawn. Additional fees of $50 per hour will be charged to incorporate changes into the plan.


Designs of April recommends quality contractors to install your project on time and on budget. Having the designer on site during installation provides an opportunity for homeowners to learn how to maintain the landscape once your installation is complete. Services I supply to contractors are:

  • administration such as ordering or tagging plants and materials for pick up or delivery on site
  • drawing the plan elements to scale on site
  • placing the plants in the landscape
  • answering questions and resolving problems

  I can be available to oversee the installation for an additional fee, should you choose to work with your own installer. When Designs of April handles the administration and delivery of your order, it includes being on-site to take delivery of the plants and/or supplies, placing plants in the landscape and supervising the planting. 


Let Designs of April develop a plan for landscape maintenance. While many landscape plans are low maintenance, all require some maintenance. Watering, weeding, mulching, pruning and other maintenance will need to be done to keep your landscape looking its best. If you plan to hire a landscape maintenance service, Designs of April can help you find a qualified service.


Designs of April creates beautiful seasonal containers that add color and draw the eye to your entry or a focal point in your landscape. Changing the containers each season is like receiving a colorful bouquet. Self Watering containers and drip irrigation systems relieve the responsibility of watering the containers in the summer. Click the link to read an article from one of my favorite idea catalogs. Container Gardening

Designing the Concrete Garden

Some clients that have little or no outdoor space on their property desire a garden. There are techniques to make even tiny spaces into attractive and lush outdoor rooms. Let Designs of April help you make that small outdoor space your favorite place to go.

Curb Appeal Makeover

When you sell your property, the first impression prospective buyers have is the front of your house and its landscaping. Designs of April can help turn a small investment in improving the appearance of the front of your home into a large payoff at closing.

Event Planning

Often the planning of an outdoor event on your property inspires a garden makeover. Let Designs of April help you beautify your landscape to set the mood for your event.